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Raised: $16,422 of $20,000
done tonight at 9pm
Bricklayer Brewing BRICKSTARTER Video!

Bricklayer Brewing BRICKSTARTER Video!

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So why Brickstarter and not Kickstarter, the wildly popular crowdfunding website used by tons of successful breweries??


And we are a brewery and that's what we do, so... We're doing it on our own.

We can't sell you beer right now (we don't have a manufacturing license yet) but see the rewards for gift cards, memberships, and a complete lack of disclaimers stating "does not include beer". Seriously, selling this stuff now puts cash in our pockets to help make Bricklayer so much better for you when we open.

Also, unlike crowdfunding sites, your purchases will go through regardless of if we meet our goal or not. You will be charged immediately, and your purchase will be shipped as soon as possible.

Your purchase will not automatically show up in our "goal", but will be added every evening.

Where does all the money go?

Approximately 25-28% of the money we raise will go to the cost of goods sold.

Being able to run this independently means lower operating costs and more going straight into making Bricklayer Brewing awesome. 

How does shipping work for Brickstarter products?

You've got two options: free pickup in either Chilliwack or Agassiz, or we ship it. Shipping is $5 for 1-2 shirts, $10 for 3-4, etc, and $15 for hats.

Tell me more about Bricklayer loans.

Got some money? Interested in a creative way to let it grow in a few years?

We can offer you a better interest rate than the bank (8%), and repayment in two to three years. You will be treated like a rock star whenever you come in; we'll give you a free t-shirt. Send us an email for more information because it's not going to be available for long (minimum loan $1,000).

Have any other questions?

Email us. We'd love to hear from you.