brickstarter campaign

Equal parts

good old-fashioned belonging and

fresh, forward-thinking beer.

Craft Brewery opening


in the historic FIVE CORNERS neighborhood of DOWNTOWN CHILLIWACK

Bricklayer Brewing is HAPPENING, we've raised enough money to be sure of that.

But money comes from all kinds of different places, and now we are asking you for a bit of help.

How much do you believe in the potential of Downtown Chilliwack?

How much do you believe in Bricklayer Brewing, in Megan and Kris, and in our story?

In the power of our community?

In providing a space for you to be yourself, have fun, and build something bigger than just a place to drink beer?

Your early support will make you an essential part of the foundation of Bricklayer.

Chilliwack needs us, and we need you.

We have hired Studio Roslyn out of Vancouver BC to design our entire taproom and brewery, and these women are INCREDIBLE. They are going to turn Bricklayer Brewing into a gritty, quirky space that you can get comfortable in.

Not to mention a major beer destination in British Columbia.

And, obviously, this costs money.

You only get one chance

to be involved in the beginning. help us raise


to make bricklayer brewing into something we all love.


Are you interested in being involved in a bigger way? Getting a return on your money instead of a (kick ass) t-shirt?

Send us an email about Bricklayer loans and what we can offer you.